Welcome to the BWP Informatics Documentation!

This documentation site describes the best practices for the informatics pipeline of the Barcode of Wildlife Project.


https://img.shields.io/badge/Biocode%20Plugin%20Version-3.0.4-green.svg https://img.shields.io/badge/GenBank%20Upload%20Plugin%20Version-1.6.5-green.svg
11 September, 2017
Biocode plugin updated to fix problem where the Biocode FIMS only retrieved field definitions from the Barcode of Wildlife project instead of the project that was specified. This would result in empty tissue fields.
20 September, 2016
The GenBank submission plugin was updated to version 1.6.5 with many minor bug fixes. The most important one to the BWP project is that the plugin will now attemp to replace non-ASCII characters (such as accented characters) with equivalent ASCII characters. This has been a problem in the past, since the previous default action was to simply omit these characters.
15 June, 2016
The Biocode Plugin was updated to version 3.0.0, and the GenBank Upload Plugin was updated to version 1.6.4. You can read about the updates to the Biocode Plugin here. You can read about the updates to the GenBank Upload Plugin here. Additionally, the back-end LIMS database was split up by country and new login information was provided to each BWP partner via email.